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Under the heading of legal activities a series of services are collected, mainly dedicated to the legal advice of natural and legal persons. In this way, it is a service for anyone who requires it. Although this type of services has traditionally been limited to the emergence of a certain problem of a legal nature, the truth is that it can be part of the natural development of any business activity.

Within the legal services we can find a series of specialties referring to different areas of low:

  • Complaints
  • Defenses in criminal proceedings
  • Validity, interpretation and execution of commercial contracts
  • Conflict between shareholders and corporate groups
  • Securities and credit operations
  • Insurance and bonds, among others
  • Trust
  • Interpretation and enforcement of contracts in civil matters
  • Collective actions
  • Credits
  • Mortgages
  • Real estate lease
  • Provision of services
  • Claim of damages
  • Moral damages
  • Successions
  • Successions of rights
  • Partnerships (creation, merger, spin-off, liquidation)
  • Authority
  • Writings
  • Civil liability
  • Divorces
  • Custody
  • Alimony
  • Guard and custody of minors
  • International restitution of minors among others
  • Testamentary and intestamentary successions
  • Testaments
  • Revocation resource
  • Nonconformity appeal
  • Contentious administrative trial
  • Direct and indirect amparo trial
  • Institutionaly of tax regulations
  • Labor lawsuits
  • Labor procurator`s offices
  • Conciliation and local and federal arbitration boards
  • Advice and preparation of the different contracting modalities
  • Negotiation of working conditions
  • Individual work contracts
  • Collective bargaining agreements
  • Contracts for time or specific work
  • Settlements agreements, resignations and liquidation of workers
  • Debts or conflicts with IMSS, ISSSTE,INFONAVIT, etc.
  • Recovery of savings fond
  • Matters with unions
  • Literary
  • Musical with or without lyrics
  • Dramatic
  • Dance
  • Pictorial or drawing
  • Sculptural and plastic character
  • Cartoon
  • Architectural
  • Cinematographic and audiovisual
  • Radio and TV programs
  • Computer programs
  • Photographics
  • Works of applied art (include graphic or textile design)
  • Copilation works
  • Trademark registration
  • Patent registration

Accounting and Tax

  • Review and debugging of accounting book balances
  • Accounting operations processing
  • Business partners
  • Preparation of financial reports for decision making
  • Calculation of monthly and annual taxes natural and legal persons
  • Payroll calculation and printing of the same
  • Calculation of the IMSS and INFONAVIT
  • Attention to requirements and personalized advice
  • Electronic accounting shipping

Financial Statement Audits

Based on the principles, procedures and auditing standards issued by the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants, we initially conducted a review of internal control, to define what would be our scope of review to all items that are reflected in the financial statements of companies and thus be able to issue a financial opinion and procedures.

Tax opinion.

Preparation and presentation of tax judgments in the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SAT in Mexico) in a timely manner, for those companies that wish to be audited in an operative or compulsory manner based on our fiscal code of the Federation.

In order to comply with the obligation expressly set forth in the tax provisions, certain taxpayers have to make their financial statements by a registred public accountant, we offer this service in order to omit an opinion on the financial and fiscal situation in which find the company ruled, giving the tax authorities that opinion together with the analysis of the items examined, in accordance with the guidelines that the same authorities require.

This same services are offered to those taxpayers who, without being obligated to give their opinion, choose to do so.

Comprehensive payroll administration

Comprehensive payroll administration, is the service that allows the client to have professionals specialized in the processing of payroll, the determination of taxes and derives thereof with the confidence that the information provided is truthful and timely.

With this service we take care of the calculation of your payroll, the timeliness of its preparation and the responsibility of the calculations and discount of taxes and benefit granted by your company. This service is made to measure, because it offers the support of our specialists of payroll who have deep knowledge of the legal, fiscal and labor aspects.

The client also transfers the administrative and labor load of his company reducing risk, costs and increasing his productivity, having the assurance that social charges and corresponding taxes will be covered, without harming his workers.

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